About The Founder

Hi! My name is Tamara Braendle and I am a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer with a  passion for healthy living in and out of the gym!


I started my health and fitness journey at a young age competing in cross-country, tennis, and basketball. I come from a family of athletes and have always had a passion for active living.  In my early teens I began to struggle with anorexia, which consumed most of my life up until adulthood. I also almost lost my leg due to a collapse of my pelvic and femoral bone which led me to have reconstructive hip surgery at the age of 25. You could say these were all negative components to a life, but these incidents led me to take control of my own health and start educating myself on what truly being healthy means.


In 2016 when my Mom got diagnosed with cancer, my interest towards healthy eating furthered even more. Together with my knowledge I had gained from being a personal trainer, I started learning about how sugar and additives in the foods we consume on a daily basis are a direct road to developing inflammation in the body, cancer, and weight gain that seems impossible to get rid of. I started experimenting with baked goods, and that's how the Fit Muffin came to be. By supplying the oncology team that helped my Mom fight cancer with fresh muffins every week, the business grew into a staple for Mom’s in the area who wanted a healthy after school snack for their kids, as well as business in the greater Seattle area such as Amazon, Microsoft, Milliman, and Overlake Hospitals.


The Fit Muffin is dedicated to providing you and your family with healthy, satisfying, and affordable baked goods. You can feel good about eating these and serving them to anyone from your children to your co-workers!

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